it's the little things in life

twenty year old canadian girl whom doesn't really know what she is doing - trying to get it together and figure herself out.

ps. im SO bored

jeff is gone to visit his son again (every second weekend) which i TOTALLY support but at the same time it really fucking sucks to be stranded without my vehicle while he is 2 & a half hours away and i don’t have friends or anything here…

so that’s SUPER fun

i could clean but i’m honestly so bored that i’m kind of angry so it makes me unproductive when it comes to cleaning


so i looked up this whole ‘21 day fix’. it’s a whole container system for portion controlled but heck no am i paying for containers that are portioned out (k, if i had a lot of money maybe) but i looked up what every coloured container portion was and looked up how much of each i should be eating a day. 

all it is is a system that you eat a certain number of veggie portions, fruit portions, whole grains/carbs, protein, healthy fats and then oils for your caloric goal/weight/weight loss goal

so i just literally planned out my meals for monday-sunday of next week. 

i am actually SO excited to grocery shop and meal prep for this.

and what I like is that it really isn’t gimmicky. all it is is portion control so it’s obviously not bad for me lol

i get it, but how does one achieve total relaxation

i get it, but how does one achieve total relaxation