it's the little things in life

twenty year old canadian girl whom doesn't really know what she is doing - trying to get it together and figure herself out.


- worked from 7-1230
- came home, had some lunch and showered
- went to pick up jeff from work
- ran errands (walmart, verizon, post office, insurance broker, etc)
- home to relax
- out to feed the horses
- jeffs out for a guys night tonight (he was all ‘i feel bad i should stay home with you’ I’m like ‘um no, go have friends, I’m totally okay with chilling at home and doing shit that needs to get done lol’)
- worked out on the elliptical for 25 minutes while catching up on law & order (and did some leg workouts)
- currently finishing up svu, doing laundry and about to vacuum, make myself some dinner and chilllllax

who cares if he’s almost 30 right?

who cares if he’s almost 30 right?

Update of sorts

- today i am spending the day doing the following: oil change on dads truck, bank for dad, packing the rest of dada stuff, cleaning the apartment, possibly helping the boyfriend paddock tonight & picking up all the required paperwork for my horses
- tomorrow looks like this: help father load up the horses so he can drive them to vernon, ny (my friend is bringing them from there to ottawa) then when father comes back i have to help him put all the stuff in the trailer because according to him i am stronger than he is so he needs my help!
- as of sunday, the apartment will be mine and jeff’s which is both super exciting and sort of scary because its my first time living on my own and so far from my famjam yet rather than being nervous, i am so so excited.
- this means paying my own bills which i am totally okay with. working for someone monday-tuesday then i start my new job wednesday.
- we will be staying in apt until june 30th then finding a place near batavia because from mid july-december we race there.
- officially put in paperwork for custody for jeff’s son so that should be fun.

A lot going on.

i cannot wait to go home and throw the following ingredients into the wok; broccoli, red and green peppers, onions, chicken, brown rice noodles and teriyaki sauce. im drooling.

am i the only girl…

thats like ‘i don’t want my engagement ring to be huge?’

like. I’m totally okay with my future fiancĂ© paying like 200$

how to tell my dads had a little too much to drink

- he called me four times to find out where i was (feeding his horses) to tell me to bring him some mcdonalds for dinner
- asked me 700 times what i was doing (packing his clothes) when he went to his room
- explained to me how awesome it is that my friend can bring the horses friday rather than my dad do it saturday (even though i told my dad my friend can’t because he’s not coming here friday….)

im sleepy

- got up at 6 am and went to work for someone at the track
- got done at noon
- came home and showered
- put SHORTS and a tshirt on
- picked up some lunch
- went to the tennis courts and played tennis
- cleaned out my car/vacuumed/washed my car
- came home & threw the football around with jeff
- chilled in bed for an hour and a half
- hit up the store for some supplies
- dropped jeff off at the races
- fed my friends horses

rest of my night?
- gotta run back to the track to see the vet about getting my horses coggings and health papers done so they can ship to canada next weekend
- come home and clean
- make a chicken lo mein as well as a baked beef macaroni
- go pick jeff up

Beautiful day to walk and eat grass.

Beautiful day to walk and eat grass.