it's the little things in life

twenty year old canadian girl whom doesn't really know what she is doing - trying to get it together and figure herself out.

i cannot wait to go home and throw the following ingredients into the wok; broccoli, red and green peppers, onions, chicken, brown rice noodles and teriyaki sauce. im drooling.

am i the only girl…

thats like ‘i don’t want my engagement ring to be huge?’

like. I’m totally okay with my future fiancĂ© paying like 200$

how to tell my dads had a little too much to drink

- he called me four times to find out where i was (feeding his horses) to tell me to bring him some mcdonalds for dinner
- asked me 700 times what i was doing (packing his clothes) when he went to his room
- explained to me how awesome it is that my friend can bring the horses friday rather than my dad do it saturday (even though i told my dad my friend can’t because he’s not coming here friday….)

im sleepy

- got up at 6 am and went to work for someone at the track
- got done at noon
- came home and showered
- put SHORTS and a tshirt on
- picked up some lunch
- went to the tennis courts and played tennis
- cleaned out my car/vacuumed/washed my car
- came home & threw the football around with jeff
- chilled in bed for an hour and a half
- hit up the store for some supplies
- dropped jeff off at the races
- fed my friends horses

rest of my night?
- gotta run back to the track to see the vet about getting my horses coggings and health papers done so they can ship to canada next weekend
- come home and clean
- make a chicken lo mein as well as a baked beef macaroni
- go pick jeff up

Beautiful day to walk and eat grass.

Beautiful day to walk and eat grass.


Sometimes I want to sucker punch everybody that complains that they work & go to school and they’re SO BUSY and its sooooo AWFUL. I would give ANYTHING to not have anxiety, even if it meant working 40 hours a week and going to school full-time.

manic mondays

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Last week was very intense anxiety wise, I’m still having numbness in my arms, hands, etc. I’m starting to think my new birth control is what is causing all of my problems because it all adds up timing wise. I’m going to call my doctor today and ask for her opinion.

This weekend was pretty uneventful. Worked, raced horses, helped our friends move, babysat, etc.

Right now I am currently watching Criminal Minds while the baby sleeps. I’ve got an online exam at 10 am for one of my classes.

To do this week:
- workout more
- babysit monday-saturday 7-11
- call dentist to change appointment
- call doctor to ask question

ps. im SO TIRED lately why

Life as of late. And anxiety. K cool.